PC Cleaner Software & New Technology


My friend Rob is also the only guy I trust to work on my PC. I have a Dell OptiPlex 3030 which is a super fast machine and is about the best technology you can get right now.

Even with a personal PC technician I sometimes notice error messages popping up; it’s usually related to registry problems. I called Rob a few days ago to ask him about what the best PC cleaner software was to run a few scans. I try to stay ahead of errors so I can keep my machine fast because I’m really into online gaming.

As they say, buyer beware. There are thousands of PC cleaner software products online. But did you know some of them are designed to actually cause problems on your computer? It’s true.

You can watch a movie on Netflix about one company that made millions of dollars scamming people. What happened is, many users would download the free version. Guess what? It would find hundreds of problems (which weren’t real) on your machine. You then had to pay $45 for the full version to fix the problems. So be careful which PC cleaner software you use.

Rob turned me on to one that is pretty amazing. It scans these parts on your computer or laptop:

• Registry
• Windows errors
• Temp files
• Software conflicts

So why bother running this type of software? Think speed. As your computer ages and as you add new software the computer can slow down. But you don’t have to suffer waiting if you’re smart. I use usually run my PC cleaner software at least once a week. The reason is, it keeps my machine smoking fast.

Another reason to I use it is because of Windows registry errors which processes hundreds of thousands of commands. The hard drive tends to get really full of data that you don’t need to store on your computer. One of the secrets most computer owners don’t even know about is outdated software. Many companies update their products every week. But if yours are not updated, you’ll notice that your computer begins to slow down.

Do you have a new computer? If so, congratulations. There’s nothing like a brand new machine. However, don’t think for a minute you won’t need to keep an eye on your registry errors. Even a brand new computer that is used for only a week or two can slow down. The problem is that there are many software conflicts that develop in even a few days in your registry files. But don’t freak out. It’s an easy thing to fix with good PC cleaner software.

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